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1) i finally got my mri. i have the films sitting on my couch, maybe i'll take a look at them later. i can stand and put weight straight down on the heel of my left foot and walk very, very carefully without flexing it too much. i'm sure it looks kinda like frankenstein.
2) i found a wii online yesterday!
3) now i'm looking for a new tv. i think i'm upgrading to an lcd, at least 32" and probably 37". i stopped at 6th ave on the way back from my mri today and i think i'm going with either a sharp or a samsung.
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stop what you're doing and turn on espn2. it's polo. not water polo, horsey polo.

Edit: This is just like field hockey. There are right-of-way rules or whatever and it doesn't make much sense to me either.

Edit 2: All the spectators come onto the field at halftime and stomp the divots back into the field while drinking.
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just made some coffee and found the crossword puzzle. i wish they'd assemble the paper differently better. anyway, for capricorns today:

sure, you're doing a lot of the same things you did last week.

yeah, pretty much nailed this one for 95% of the population, but me especially.

but make no mistake--this is a unique time in your life. the moments you are sailing through can never be experienced the same way twice.

that's good to hear because: a) i'd never like to have my ankle in this kind of shape again; and b) the way i've felt lately can go away and never come back.

i like knowing that i can still code html from scratch when i did a lot of it in college. :)
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not sleepy and really annoyed. at least i played some poker (not a lot) tonight/last night/whatever you call about 6 hours ago.

i wish the newspaper would get here. i want to see if any stores are advertising wiis in stock since i'm still up.
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fu mike nifong...you deserve to be disbarred
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i love getting emails about free laptops that are dated 1963 and all the other spam from 2038.
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i tried going to sleep at two separate points tonight. 40 minutes of laying in bed and tossing and turning each time didn't work. i guess i'll probably end up napping (hopefully not for a long time) this afternoon.
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I'm thinking about moving my checking account to a new bank. I was looking at Washington Mutual, but if you have any other suggestions, let me know. Thanks!

Current Music: SportsCenter

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called them a few minutes ago since i just woke up (my sleep schedule is so off!). two things are wrong. i used the federal wage amount instead of the state wage amount (whoops, didn't even see box 16 down there) and they processed it under the wrong social security number (not my fault). that explains why they didn't have my check credited on the statement they just sent me. that makes me feel a little bit better. they're going to fix it and send me a new statement and i'll pay the $30 difference or whatever for my mistake.

i need to mail my dad's card for father's day, but i don't want to go out. the stairs are more effort than i really want to put out right now.
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most of you can feel free to skip this oneCollapse )
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